Panasonic SC-PMX94 Stereoset AUX, Bluetooth, DAB+, CD, FM High-resolution audio 2 x 60 W Zwart

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Over Panasonic SC-PMX94 Stereoset AUX, Bluetooth, DAB+, CD, FM High-resolution audio 2 x 60 W Zwart

Clear sound without distortion \n3-way with silk-screen tweeter \nThe hifi system PMX94 offers a wonder-Ally expressive and dynamic sound and is also ideal for playing back high- resolution audio formats. The high quahty 3-way speakers wdh s'k-memtyane for frequencies up to 50kHz alow a balanced sound quahty_ \n\nAuthenticity and naturalness \n3rd Generation LincsD Amp Amplifier \nExperience the music as it should be With Panasonic's all- digital LincsD amp amplifier system. The innovative technology ensures that jitter and noise caused by the power supply are minimized and the sound reproduction of the PMXg4 is particularly pure and natural. \n\nUnleash the potential of high-res audio High-quality audio componelts \nIf you want to get the best sound out of todafs high-resolution audio formats, you need high-quahty componM1ts. Therefore, Panasonic has designed the PMX94 HiFi System based on uncompromising components such as quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors and metallized polyester film capacitors. \n\nDAB + - just listen to the radio better \nDAB + makes radio much more than just listening to music - the new "Digital Audio \nBroadcasbng" finally offers the transmission in the finest digital sound quality and also \nprovides a lot of practical addibonal informabon. For example, to singer, album, song title or \nnews. Look forward to discovering this new kind of radio and enjoying it with Panasonic's \nMicro HiFi models. \n\nHigh quality sound from various sources USB DAC Function \nThe PMXg4 Micro HiFi System features a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) and a USB driver \nsystem to ensure that your high definition audio formats - such as DSO FLAC, WAV and \nAFF - are also played directly from the PC can. MHz BSD is not \n\nWell connected wirelessly \nYou can comfortably play yow favwite music from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. \nUsing Bluetooth Re-master, the PMX94 compensated by the data compression when \nstreamig Bluetooth signals. lost -Sounds, MiaNirw a hiØ-quality sound reproduction. \n\nUniversal and quick to use \nThe PMXg4 has the common media inputs, such as stereo cinch, usa and AUX input with autoplay function_ Simply connect your existing audio or streaming device, such as the \nChromecast Audio, to AUX-INI Even when the PMXg4 s turned off, the sound of the unit is detected, the power is automatically turned on, and music is played back through the AUX \nterminal. \n\nExperience television with rich stereo sound \nThe compact system is equipped with an optical input for easy connection to a TV. Enjoy excellent sound quality along with pictures on your TV screem\n\n\n Elegant, compact design \nThe classic compact system is equipped with a noble aluminum front, while the speaker units are made of high quality wood. This high quality universal design blends in perfectly with a wide range of room decorations